Victim Witness Assistance Program

The Florida Legislature enacted the Victim Rights Act of 1988 to provide specific rights to crime victims and witnesses.  Victims and witnesses of crime should be informed of and receive the benefits and services made available by this law.  This page is dedicated to that purpose.

Below are links to download the Fort Myers Police Department's Victim Witness Assistance Program brochure where your rights are fully explained and instructions for assistance are provided.  

A victim is defined as a person who suffers physical, financial, or emotional harm as the direct result of a specified crime committed upon his/her person or property.  Also referred to as a “victim,” is a victim’s parent or guardian if the victim is a minor, the lawful representative of the victim and the next of kin of a homicide victim.

A witness is defined as a person, as determined by law enforcement, who has information or evidence relevant to a specific crime.


For more information, contact the Victim Advocate at 239-321-8019.