Office of Inspector General

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is under the command of Inspector General Donald Oswald. The primary mission of the OIG is to objectively ensure the ongoing integrity of all Police Department processes and operations to deliver Constitutional, professional, and effective police services to the citizens of the City of Fort Myers. The OIG seeks to proactively align FMPD’s approach to new best practices by research, development, and incorporation of emerging best practices into policy, training, and information technology.


inspector general donald oswald

The OIG is comprised of the following components:

  • Staff Inspections Unit: The mission of the Staff Inspections Unit is to conduct audits and reviews of all police department processes and operations to detect and correct:
    1. Ineffectiveness and inefficiency
    2. Fraud, waste, or abuse
    3. Unethical activity
    4. Potential conflict of interest
    5. Issues that may otherwise compromise the public’s trust
  • Policy and Accreditation: The purpose of accreditation is to establish a foundation within public safety agencies that focuses on achieving the best outcomes in the delivery of services. Accreditation provides objective evidence of an agency’s commitment to excellence in leadership, resource management, and service-delivery.

Staff inspections unitLieutenant Tarman

LIEUTENANT peter tarman

policy & accreditation unitJONES_RANDY SQUARE

manager randall jones

  • Recruitment and Background Section: The mission of the Recruitment and Background Section is to recruit and select officers and professional support employees who possess the desired characteristics compatible with achieving organizational goals and objectives, and who understand the diverse community demographics and expectations of the citizens of the City of Fort Myers.

recruitment & background sectionMASIERO_JUDY_SQUARE

recruitment manager judy masiero

  • Training Section: The mission of the Training Section is to provide relevant, realistic training to all employees, sworn and civilian, that meets the evolving needs of the agency and officers, as well as the community.

training divisionPate Lieutenant Square

LIEUTENANT jason pate